My 1st Cousin 3 Times Removed, H.G.Wells

Edward Wells
1810 - ?
Francis Wells
1826 - 1903
Married William J. Hoad
Joseph Wells
1830 - 1910
Married Sarah Neale
William Alfred Hoad
1850 - 1927
Married Priscilla Mary Cocker

Herbert George Wells
1866 - 1946
Gertrude Daisy Hoad
1884 - 1976
Married Herbert Louis Rose
Rita May Rose
Born 1922
Married Roy Henry Hensby

Simon Edward Hensby
Born 1959

I just discovered that my Great, Great Grandmother was Frances Wells, whose brother, Joseph Wells was the father of none other than Herbert George Wells. Perhaps best know as H.G.Wells the famous author and free thinker. This apparently makes him my 1st Cousin 3 times removed. How cool is that!

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