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Hi, I'm Simon Hensby. Born in Woolwich, South London on September 15th 1959 and I have three boys, Michael, Richard and Alan. In the past I have done many jobs including road sweeper, cleaner, painter, decorator, plumber, electrician, cinema doorman, clothes shop assistant, bus driver, milkman, insurance claims manager, gardener, petrol pump attendant (in the days before self service), chef, waiter and general fixer of just about anything.

In 1996 I started to write simple software programs to help with educating my ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) son Richard when he was excluded from school and I taught him at home for 6 months. This software collection and many more programs that have been added since, are available to download from my website at www.greyolltwit.com. Why is the software called Grey Olltwit's Software, well I'm going a bit grey and one day a few years ago, my darling children decided to go on about just how many grey hairs I had. I decided to join in with "yeah, yeah, I'm a real grey old twit", hence Grey Olltwit was born.

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